Welcome to Rise of the Runelords! We are playing with rules similar to PFS, but here are a few starting points:

  • Characters are build on the standard Point Buy system, 25 points
  • HP follows standard PFS rules (max at 1st, then half plus 1 at every level thereafter, before con bonus)
  • CON changes DO retroactively award more HP
  • You don't have to own the source to use it   
  • If possible, please stick to the following sources

    • Core Rulebook
    • Bestiary 1-3
    • Advanced Player's Guide
    • Advanced Race Guide
    • Advanced Class Guide
    • Ultimate Combat
    • Ultimate Magic
    • Ultimate Equipment
    • Ultimate Campaign
    • Pathfinder Unchained
    • Rise of the Runelords Player's Guide (found here)
  • You start with the max gold for your class (instead of the standard 150 GP )
  • Any race with more than 12 RP must be cleared first
  • If you wish to create a custom race, you may use the race builder rules in the players guide, but the race must be approved first.  GM reserves the right to deny a race if they deemed unbalanced/unfair.
  • A player may make character changes up to level 3 with GM approval.
  • If a player character dies, a new character may be created using the above rules.  The GM will award GP/items to bring them up to par with the other players.  Any gear from the dead player that the party chooses to keep with be deducted from the new character's starting pool.

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